Tuesday, July 21, 2009

about me

i am not worth of having anyone.. i am not wanted by anything or anyone. i am alone.. people treat me like shit. people take what they want from me and go.. 'sorry i gotta go" "sorry i gotta meet someone" but it all boils down to the fact that people are leaving, and not returning back. so i sit here, alone.. i sit once agine. one single stary emotion, on this lonely night, opens the flood gates as this tital wave of pleading tears flow from these orbs... inevitable silence rings off these solitary walls.. the gentle whisper of tears hitting the floor beneath me is only sound, except for the ringing of your voice in my head which is my only comfort, and my biggest fear... watching all the happy moments abanden me like every human has done, no one wants me in their life.. they dont care for or about me. i am not wanted.. i am not needed.. i am used.. i am lied to.. and i am hated.. most of all.. i am alone

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